Defrag Your Brain to Reach Your Optimal Potential

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Just like we can delete old files from our computers we can also do the same for our brain!

You know which keys to press to de-frag your computer, now you can have me lightly touch such places on your head to release the electromagnetic energy that’s clogging up your system.

These places on your head are called Bars. There are 32 of them and when gently touched and turned on s...

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Harmful Beliefs Poison the Body

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The medical establishment has been proving that the mind can heal the body for over 50 years. We call it “the placebo effect,” and we know that when patients in clinical trials get nothing but sugar pills, saline injections, or fake surgeries—but believe they might be getting the new wonder drug or miracle surgery—their bodies get better 18 to 80% of the time.

While many are aware o...

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Depressed? You should be.

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It never ceases to amaze me that about 75% of the people who come to see me for physical health conditions also suffer from depression. Many cannot tolerate antidepressants, don’t benefit from them, or are reluctant to try medications or seek counselling. As a result, they suffer in silence and miss miss an average of 19 work days per year. Depression can aggravate other chronic illnesses as well, like diabetes and heart disease. We know that plant-based diets prevent and even treat the...

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